Doctor Lucas Picazo, now retired, worked mostly in the ICU of the Puerta del Mar Hospital. He is the inventor of the Ventijet system. (Albacete)

Lucia Picazo, ICU resident doctor at Hospital del Mar in Barcelona, medical development of the prototype. (Cádiz)

Francisco José Parrilla Gómez intensivist doctor Hospital del Mar in Barcelona, manages the medical development of the prototype. (Murcia)

Alex Quintanilla soccer player of the Unión Deportiva Ibiza (UD Ibiza) and industrial engineer has led the development and design of the entire system. (Bilbao)

Marcos Fdz-Alonso, industrial engineer at the IDELT company, has been in charge of mechanical design . (Bilbao)

Sergi Tur technician in development and application of project in the construction sector has helped in the development   communication and commercial project. (Ibiza)

Alberto Garcia. Account Director of Opentext.

Strategy and commercial development (Madrid)

Alain Astoreca, electrical and control systems engineer at SUEZ , has been responsible for the control and automation panel (Begoña, Bilbao)

Aitor, an industrial engineer at the IDELT company, has been in charge of the nozzle design. (Bilbao)

Luis Voces of the company HYDRACORTE has been responsible for network connections (La Coruña)

Andrés Parrilla Gómez, doctor of mechanics and professor of engineering in Nantes, (France). He has been in charge of modeling and testing the system. (Murcia)

Miquel Pessarodona Responsible for electromedicine at Hospital del Mar (Barcelona)

Iñaki Cerdá, Industrial Engineer at IFISA. (Bilbao)

Josecho Via Leira, Institutional Relations Xunta de Galicia. (Galicia)

Sergio Corcuera. industrial engineer at IFISA. (Bilbao)

Fernando Cueto CEO of Genesal Energy (La Coruña)

Manuel García González

Radiologist, Puerta del Mar Hospital (Cádiz)

He developed the original system with Dr. Picazo.

Gabriel Moreno Asensi

Resident doctor

Seville Faculty of Medicine

Virgen del Rocío University Hospital.

Julio Lema García

Bachelor of Business Administration UAM

Marketing Director, Recyclia (Madrid)